Mustard Mayo Ketchup Or Butter on your Sandwich?

Answer Hola Scoots!I prefer mustard AND mayo.

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Butter Mayonnaise Or Mustard Which do you like on your Sandwich?

i really like both mayo & mustard, but if i had to pick just one it'd probably be mayo. and i'm sure a lot of people will be saying that butter is weird to put on a sandwich, but when i was in fran... Read More »

Mayonnaise Hot Sauce Ketchup Mustard Or Honey Mustard Sauce Which from this list do u like better?

Good morning (((Scooter)))It's a tie between hot sauce and mustard.(((((hugs)))))–(¯`v´¯)–_-(¯`v´¯)–-(¯`(♥)´¯)_-(¯`(♥)´¯)-–(_.^._)—_-(_.^._) – .√v^√v^√ℭ♄εґḯ

True or False; A sandwich without Mayo isn't a sandwich at all?

lmaovery true!Don't be a hater D:edit- It was a bad day and I was pmsing lol D: D:

Ketchup Mustard Or Mayonnaise Which from this list do you like better on your Sandwiches?

It depends on what's in the sandwich:Tomato sauce (which is the australian version of ketchup) - I use it with sliced left-over roast beef/lamb and sliced cheese. And one of my fav childhood sandwi... Read More »