Mustang Supercharger Vs. Turbocharger?

Answer The debate over whether to supercharge or turbocharge a car is about as old as the car itself. It's no different if the discussion happens to be about the Ford Mustang. Both of these methods are fo... Read More »

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Which is better, a supercharger or a turbocharger?

On One Hand: Supercharging for TorqueThe fact that the supercharger's air compressor is directly driven off the engine's crankshaft means that it's running (and producing boost) whenever the engine... Read More »

The Difference Between a Turbocharger & a Supercharger?

Turbos and superchargers are basically the same thing. Both are essentially compressors that shove extra air into the engine so it can burn more fuel, which makes more power. The primary difference... Read More »

Civic Supercharger Vs. Turbocharger?

The world of artificial aspiration has long been split between those who favor turbos and those who like mechanical breathers. While the discussion might seem academic, it's anything but when you'r... Read More »

What is the difference between a supercharger&a turbocharger?

Turbochargers and superchargers were designed to provide a vehicle with more power while maintaining a lighter engine. With either of these add-ons, extra air is packed into the engine so that more... Read More »