Mustang Restoration Tips?

Answer Ford's Mustang is one of the most commonly restored cars today, due in part not only to the Mustang's strong popularity, but also because replacement parts are readily available on the secondary ma... Read More »

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Corvette Restoration Tips?

Corvettes are a popular classic car for restoration enthusiasts. Currently, there are over 15,800 people in the National Corvette Restorers Society, and that number is ever-growing. Whether you're ... Read More »

Auto Body Restoration Tips?

Whether a vehicle owner desires to preserve a loved automobile or simply maintain its value, restoration is the way to go. Auto body technicians can perform just about any kind of restoration job,... Read More »

Wood Boat Restoration Tips?

The chances of owning a vintage wooden boat increase when you tackle the restoration yourself. Professionally restored vintage boats range from $30,000 to more than $100,000. Bringing a wooden boat... Read More »

Mustang Performance Tips?

Mustang owners can be thankful that not many other cars have as many aftermarket performance options available. Because so many parts are available, it is fairly easy to increase the performance of... Read More »