Mustang Gt500kr Vs. Corvette?

Answer Today's Shelby Mustang GT500KR and the Corvette Z06 attract a specific demographic. These are no longer young men's cars, but are rather for the middle-aged male recapturing his lost or, perhaps, m... Read More »

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What is the Shelby GT500KR Mustang?

The Shelby GT500KR Mustang is a high-performance model of the Ford Mustang coupe, named for the original 1968 "King of the Road" GT500KR produced by former auto racer Carroll Shelby.HistoryThe orig... Read More »

Ford Mustang GT500KR Specifications?

The Ford Shelby GT500KR is a high-performance variant of Ford's Mustang pony car produced by Shelby Automobiles. It is one of several modern collaborations between Ford and Shelby, extending a rela... Read More »

Corvette, Mustang or Camero?

Mustang because it looks better than a corvette

What Is the Shelby GT500KR?

The 2008 Shelby GT500KR is the super high-performance version of the Ford Mustang GT. The Shelby is manufactured with modifications to enhance the handling and acceleration of the car. Racing strip... Read More »