Must we pay some attention to this.....?

Answer Yes we should and I think many of us are maybe way too complacent... Plus Google in particular must be big time collecting info, afterall, the Chief Executive (Eric Schmidt) did forecast the compa... Read More »

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Why do some bullies want to get attention of somebody?

If they want attention from a specific person: that probably means that they like them, or is jealous of them.

Would you call the building attention by saying building attention or just attention?

A prepatory command such as building, company, group, battalion, etc. must preceed the command of exection. So you would say, "Company, Attention"

****ATTENTION**** is this an infection (pics included)?

im really not really doesn't look like an INFECTION, but more like an allergic reaction to the jewelry.but since you have the other side pierced as not so sure if it is a reaction... Read More »

Could you please list some of the symptoms of pregnancy that dont get a lot of attention?

Answer Well it's a little difficult because most symptoms are listed somewhere or other!! My experiences having had 5 children ranged from the usual morning sickness to restless leg syndrome, whic... Read More »