Music software in the movie "music and lyrics"...?

Answer Not sure exactly what software was used in the movie, but a quick Google search using the following keywords should get you started: music composing software For example: Read More »

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How to Record an Interview or Music Using an Editing/Recording Music Software?

Digital recording promises to be the technology which helps us to get rid of the tiresome work of recording long conversations/interviews on tapes and to no longer be burdened with boxes and boxes ... Read More »

Is there any software converting music to an image, or an image to music?

Do you mean like making a video with just a picture and music....if so, windows has Movie Maker and it should already be on your computer

Did lyrics ruin music?

Nope. But if the music isn't good itself, with how much music there is out there, then who cares if the lyrics are good? People mind as well just read a good book, there is a whole lot of those, an... Read More »

How to Write Music Lyrics?

When attempting to write music many different things can occur. You can write something down in the spur of the moment and look back at it later. You can also think of something great, and then for... Read More »