Music from windows media player to an ipod nano?

Answer In the Window Media Player there will be a tab saying Sync. It's beside a tab called Burn. Then this Sync bar will open p and you add songs to it. Then connect your iPod to the computer and as soon... Read More »

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How do I add music to an iPod from Windows Media Player?

Download iTunes to your computer. Restart your computer. Open iTunes. Click "File" in the top right corner of iTunes. Select "Add folder to library". Select your Windows Media Player folder of musi... Read More »

How to Transfer Music From an iPod to Windows Media Player?

You can transfer music from an iPod to Windows Media Player fairly quickly and easily. While iTunes is the digital music player most often used to play iPod files, Windows Media Player can play iPo... Read More »

How to Add Music to My iPod Touch From Windows Media Player?

iPod Touch is like an iPhone without cellular service. You can play music on it or browse the Internet, just like you can on an iPhone. You need iTunes, the free digital media player and applicatio... Read More »

How do I add music from Windows Media Player to an iPod shuffle?

Disable iTunesOpen "iTunes" and connect your iPod shuffle to your computer. Click on the "Settings" tab and check the "Enable disk mode" box. Safely disconnect your iPod shuffle from your compute... Read More »