Muscle spasm in upper thigh when standing up?

Answer nerve interference to both quads. see an hio method chiropractor.

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I seem to have developed some sort of muscle spasm in my upper lip?

There is nothing possibly more needed in my book than an orgasm on monday... please go out and spread your twitching cheer! I think of this as a kind of public service the kind of which have not b... Read More »

While lifting weights this morning, I pulled an upper thigh muscle.?

Find your significant other and have him or her left and move your legs in many different ways while *cough* doing something else to help you forget about the strain.

What's a muscle spasm?

Spasms happen when something is uncomfortable, that you may not feel, but your body does. I don't personally get spasms, but I know a couple people who do, and they both say it's because of discomf... Read More »

How to Reduce a Charley Horse or Muscle Spasm?

An at home remedy to relieve spasms in a muscle.