Muscle soreness?

Answer Stay very hydrated and try stretches for these specific areas...also look into seeing a sports massage therapist they will help with specific problems and stretching the muscles to relieve the sore... Read More »

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How to get rid of muscle soreness?

-Drink plenty of water-muscles massages and foam rolling for myofascial release-icing and heating or hot/cold showers 1 min. of cold max followed by 1 min of hot max 3 times. Heat will relax your ... Read More »

How to prevent muscle soreness?

Muscle soreness or injury?

This sounds like muscle soreness, and it is normal. You just need to rest avoid doing push ups for the next few days to stop the pain.

What is your worst muscle soreness?

LEG DAYS, especially calves. Seriously, done a leg workout the Monday still walking like I have pooed myself