Murder Mystery Restaurant in LA?

Answer & Margo's Murder Mystery: (818) 785-7700…The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Dinner Show3387 Motor Ave. Los Angele... Read More »

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What is a murder mystery?

A murder mystery, which is often called a whodunit, is a work of literature, a game or dinner theatre performance that requires one to solve a fictional murder using clues provided in the storyline... Read More »

How do I plot a murder mystery?

A typical plot for a story follows the structure of a hill: Exposition at the beginning (characters, setting, etc.), inciting incident (point where normal life changes for one or more characters), ... Read More »

Can solve this Murder Mystery?

Murder mystery dinner party?

If you really want a good kit, you may have to be willing to shell out a couple of bucks. But I'm pretty sure the money will be totally worth the night of fun. ;]The site URL I provided is all abou... Read More »