Munsell Soil Classification?

Answer Soil color is an important aid in identifying soil type in the field or the laboratory. Soil color indicates the chemical oxidation or reduction in the soil, whether past or present, as it weathere... Read More »

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Clay Soil Classification?

All gardeners dream of a nicely situated plot made up of rich, dark soil. But what many gardeners have to deal with is often less than ideal, and soil quality can range from sand to clay. When face... Read More »

Does grass grow faster in store-bought soil or soil out of the ground?

The growing rate of grass depends on the quality of the soil. The fastest way to get your grass to grow is to have your soil assessed to see what fertilizers and supplements need to be added. It is... Read More »

Do plants grow best in organic soil or fertilized soil?

On One Hand: The Benefits of Commercial FertilizersWhen we want to give a few nutrients to our plants, commercial fertilizers often come to mind. Commercial fertilizers give an instant and powerful... Read More »

Is Soil Better for Plant Growth Than Potting Soil?

Owning your own land and home is a big part of the American dream, just as sweet a thought as homemade apple pie. Numerous states, including West Virginia, have plenty of land available. Whether yo... Read More »