Mum is taking me to doctors because 'i'm not normal' ?

Answer Eating disorder, which must be severe since you seem to be so clueless about your issues. Glad you are getting checked out.

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Is it normal for 16 year old to go to the doctors office alone?

16-year-olds are near, but not quite yet at the point of assuming full responsibility. You are obviously smart, but that is Not Sufficient until buttressed by ample experience. Legally too, your ... Read More »

Is it normal to get a stomach ache after taking a laxative?

It's probably that the laxative will be kicking in soon. You could take some laxatives over the counter that are more gentle on the stomach. You may feel better after you have had a bowel movemen... Read More »

Is it normal to get this side-effect from taking antibiotics?

You should be taking over the counter yeast infection cream or DIFLUCAN for yeast infection, tetracycline will actually CAUSE a yeast infection. Secondly, a UTI should be treated with BACTRIM. You ... Read More »

Is this a normal side effect from not taking the pill?

Dear Terri, Yes, I would say this would be a "normal" side effect after going off the pill. Often, women experience irregular periods after discontinuing BCP use. Since the hormones in the pill hav... Read More »