Multiplication & Word Problems for 3rd Grade?

Answer "Three girls each buy a package of gum. Each package contains five pieces of gum. How many pieces of gum do the girls have in all?" The answer, of course, is 15 because three times five equals 15.S... Read More »

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Grade 2 Math Word Problems?

Word problems are a fun way for students to learn mathematical equations and how to solve them. Addition, subtraction and probability are typical math processes learned by second-grade students. Wh... Read More »

Grade 1 Math Word Problems?

Word problems help enhance critical thinking skills. Each type of word problem develops a different skill. For young children such as first graders, it is important to introduce word problems in a... Read More »

Math Subtraction Word Problems for 3rd Grade?

People encounter and solve basic math word problems each day without thinking about it. When you follow a recipe, figure out how many pieces of candy you can buy with a dollar or determine how many... Read More »

How to Explain Fraction Word Problems For the 3rd Grade?

By the third grade, your students are expanding their knowledge of basic arithmetic to include real-world applications in word problems. These exercises can also increase their verbal skills. Howev... Read More »