Multiplication Facts that Motivate Students to Learn?

Answer While multiplication eventually becomes second nature to most adults, it can be a struggle to master in elementary school. Students often get frustrated by their lack of ability to remember all of... Read More »

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How to Learn Multiplication Facts?

Speed with multiplication facts makes all forms of math faster and easier. Here is a way to learn the times tables quickly and permanently.×12345678910111211234567891011122246810121416182022243369... Read More »

How to Motivate ESL Students to Learn?

Learning to speak English as a second language is difficult. For students from kindergarten through grade 12, surrounded by English-speaking peers, it can be especially challenging. Frustrated and ... Read More »

Tricks to Learn Multiplication Facts?

Learning the multiplication tables can be daunting for a child. No sooner has the child mastered addition and subtraction, he is then forced to learn a whole new mathematical operation. His confusi... Read More »

How to Use Manipulatives to Learn Multiplication Facts?

Manipulatives are a good way to visualize multiplication facts. To visualize is to make what seems abstract concrete and real for a child. Pizza multiplication wheels are manipulatives that are pra... Read More »