Multiple Desktops on One Screen?

Answer They are called "Virtual Desktop Managers", and can be found by doing a quick Google search using those keywords.Try the following link:

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How to Have Multiple Desktops?

If you regularly find your monitor's display cluttered with open programs, the usual solution is to install a second monitor. The problem with a dual-monitor setup is that it requires a large amoun... Read More »

How to add multiple videos onto one screen while video editing?

Most of the better editing packages will allow you to do this, I dont know if there are any free ones that you can use. if you have the time to DL then you could try Adobe premiere, or Sony Vegas b... Read More »

Multiple Monitors I need a Multi-Screen Trading Computer for my Business. Where can I get one?

Trading computers are getting popular now, so they are getting cheaper. I got my Triple LCD multi-screen PC, from: It was around $3k, with LCD Array. They have a very affor... Read More »

Whats the problem with my computerWhen I click 'internet explorer' multiple screen pages appear?

Its multipul causes - some anti-viours - in ur pc - or - you click many time mouse - so .............