Multiple Births & Autism?

Answer Autism is a neurobiological pervasive developmental disorder with a strong genetic component. There are numerous risk factors for autism, one of which is having twins, triplets and so on. Autism do... Read More »

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Do deer have multiple births?

Whitetail deer, mule deer and moose can often have twins. While the elk will usually only have one offspring per year. Most species of deer can potentially have multiple births.References:Texas Par... Read More »

What is the highest number of multiple births?

The largest multiple birth, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, was nontuplets (nine babies), although none survived. There have been several sets of octuplets (eight babies) born, but... Read More »

Does the male or female determine multiple births?

Multiple births depend on several variables, with most of them related to the female, according to Kids Health. Older women and those of African descent are the most likely demographic to have more... Read More »

How do human fertility drugs increase the chance of multiple births?

This is because how the eggs are fertilized. You can compare it to animals in the wild. When you make a zoo and protect them from outside sources they live longer, and when you shelter the eggs fro... Read More »