Multicultural Tools?

Answer The United States is often referred to as a "melting pot." This means that people from all over the world have moved to the U.S. Schools need tools to cope with the variety of cultures and langua... Read More »

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How to Teach Multicultural Art?

While art is universal, teaching multicultural art is a delicate subject. What is sacred in one culture can be pop fashion in another, and imitation isn't always interpreted as flattery. The tastef... Read More »

Multicultural Art Lessons?

Art can be a fun way for students to learn about different cultures and societies. From Native American art to the works of African tribes and Asian dynasties, almost all civilizations have made co... Read More »

Multicultural Art Projects?

Exposing children to different cultures can lead to a greater understanding of themselves. Representing different cultures in your artistic studies may also help students to accept people from othe... Read More »

Ideas for Multicultural Day?

A multicultural day is an opportunity to enhance cultural awareness and to remind people of the similarities and differences among cultures. We all eat, for example, but the way we get the food fro... Read More »