MultiPage scanner support?

Answer This sounds more like a programming question than anything else. You might try posting this under the Programming & Design section, you'll probably get better answers there.If you're looking for a ... Read More »

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How do I convert a multipage TIFF file into a multipage JPEG file?

As you know, JPEG format does not support multipage property. Thus, you cannot convert a multipage TIFF file into one JPEG file.

Why won't Windows XP support my old (1998) Microtek scanner?

Microtek scanner are fussy LOL..I still have mine and it works perfectly. I have a SCSI interface. Now you are not telling me if you have USB or what model of scanner. That would help and I can tel... Read More »

I want astra 4100 scanner drivers to support windows 7 how to get it?

Here is the UMAX website, I think you'll need to contact them because their driver support appears to only go as high as Vista

How to Write a Multipage Report?

Whether you are writing a report for a course you are taking or for your employer, a report generally will be multiple pages. Because a report needs to be well-organized, give yourself plenty of ti... Read More »