Multi-Vitamins in Gel Caps?

Answer Taking your daily vitamins can be a chore; they're a dry mass of a variety of ingredients that don't go down the throat so easily. Some of them don't even taste good. However, multivitamins in gel ... Read More »

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Are centrum multi vitamins good for you?

On One Hand: Positive ClaimsAccording to MSNBC, Centrum brand vitamins do contain the levels of vitamins they claim on the label, unlike several other brands. Also, the Centrum vitamins fully disso... Read More »

Why do my multi vitamins say do not take if I have had cold sores or herpes?

I have never heard of this, so I looked it up on-line. There is no site that says you shouldn't take vitamins if you have cold sores or herpes. In fact, they all say just the opposite. They say vit... Read More »

Is it harmful for a pregnant woman to take one tablet of Folic Acid and a multi prenatal vitamin which has 1mg and 800mcg Folic Acid and other vitamins every day?

Answer It should be OK. Folic acid is water soluble, which means you will use what you need and urinate the rest out. My concern is why are you taking both? If you do not have a folic acid deficie... Read More »

If my tv needs 2 1200uf 35v caps what whould happen if i used 2 1000uf 35v caps?

I wouldn't hesitate to do it as long as the replacements will physically fit where the originals were mounted. That's only a 17% deviation from the design capacitance; not significant in just abou... Read More »