Multi Monitor How to question?

Answer You can support 2 monitors on each of the two cards. If the MB HD 4250 video chipset will still work with the two video cards, then you could do six monitors.When Adrian says you cannot run the tw... Read More »

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SUPER PC: Multi-Monitor Computer... Recommended for Multi-Screen Day Trading?

Multiple Monitor Computers are the best thing ever! Call me a nerd, or whatever. but my life wouldn't be the same without Multiscreens! I bought a SUPER PC computer, way back in the day, when they ... Read More »

Where can I find a Multi-Monitor Computer, and Multi-Screen LCD Display, for Day Trading?

The absolute best place is:http://www.Multi-Monitors.comI compared prices, when I purchased my 6 LCD Mega System, and they were way lower, than the other companies I found! They have a brand of Mul... Read More »

SUPER PC Multi Monitor Computer Where do I get one with a Multi Screen LCD Display?

Go to:http://www.Multi-Monitors.comAnd they definitely have great service! I bought a Multi-Monitor SUPER PC, a few months ago, and it has 4 LCDs! It makes Day Trading so darn easy,with all of that... Read More »

Multi Monitor?

Check out some of these models. This is probably what you want. I just typed "Super PC" into Google and Viola!! I have to admit these multi-monitor computers completely awesome! Now I want one...he... Read More »