Mt. dew spilled on a laptop Help! 10pt for best anwser!?

Answer…Coffee, soda, beer, and other liquids spilled on your laptop can badly damage your system and result in costly repairs. For Dell computers, liquid spills ... Read More »

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Help! Wine spilled on laptop?

you`ll do fine RM, perfect what you`ve done, would be good if you left it turned off overnight in room temperature.have a great Christmas!Flux.

Water was spilled on my laptop

Wait a while for it to dry maybe get a washcloth or towel and rub it or dismantle keyboard to be safe and wipe it all down

Homecoming Help! Which Dress! 10 points rewarded to best anwser!?

definatley 1better colors and betterjust all aroundin shape and everythingand the shoes are awesomethey are colorful and sexygo w/#1 and you'll have all the guys over you!!

Who Chooses The Best Anwser?

The asker usually unless he waits too long and then it goes into voting so yahoo community will choose the best answer.