Mr. Stupid here yet again?

Answer Cut - your high-lighted text/picture or part of picture is removed from the document to the 'clip board.Paste then allows you to insert this where ever you want.Unlike copy which just creats a copy... Read More »

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Ok here is a stupid one?

This is actually a pretty interesting question. When I worked in a hotel, we always had to place the toilet paper with the paper hanging to the front--or the over method-- instead of hanging down ... Read More »

♦Might be a stupid question, but here goes...?

Using the button on the remote control saves wear and tear on the actual button to eject on the player. There is a contact behind the button on the player that is hit and can/will wear out over ti... Read More »

Why are you sitting in front of the stupid computer again?

Because my girlfriend, who apparently came over to see me, stuffed her face, watched 3/4 of a DVD, then went to bed and fell asleep while I was on the toilet. Frankly, you guys are better company.

Stupid effing trolls today_to all my contacts- all who know me on here?

I saw that. Imagine how that person's life must suck so bad that they would need to copy you like that! Oh well. I'm not a contact.. I have been on here forever and don't have one contact, lol. I d... Read More »