Mozilla firefox ads-on doubt.....?

Answer that's a classic warning from Mozilla... try to download an .exe or an add-on that have not been created by Firefox. so take it easy....

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How to Use Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is a good free alternative browser to Internet Explorer. Mozilla Firefox is faster than Internet Explorer (IE) Additionally, many corporate IT departments find that Mozilla Firefox ... Read More »

How to Get Mozilla Firefox Themes?

One of the features of the Mozilla Firefox Browser is customizing the theme, or how the browser looks. It is completely optional, but it sure can add a kick into your daily browsing.

How to Install Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is a popular Web browser. It includes tabbed browsing, anti-phishing and anti-malware protection, and a user-friendly toolbar. In addition, the browser provides private browsing and... Read More »

What is mozilla firefox?

it is basically the same as IE except its security features are better.