Mozilla Firefox (Not Responding)?

Answer A. dont use firefox go with google chromeB. if you have nothing really important on the computer that cant be stored on a flashdrive or external hard drive, download a new version of windows and re... Read More »

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How to Use Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is a good free alternative browser to Internet Explorer. Mozilla Firefox is faster than Internet Explorer (IE) Additionally, many corporate IT departments find that Mozilla Firefox ... Read More »

How to Uninstall Mozilla Firefox on a Mac?

When you uninstall Mozilla Firefox from your Mac, you have the option of removing only the application or removing the application and the user account information. Uninstalling only the Firefox a... Read More »

What is mozilla firefox?

it is basically the same as IE except its security features are better.

How to Install Add Ons in Mozilla Firefox?

Have you wanted a Add-on on Firefox? You've come to the right place.