Mozilla Firefox (Not Responding)?

Answer A. dont use firefox go with google chromeB. if you have nothing really important on the computer that cant be stored on a flashdrive or external hard drive, download a new version of windows and re... Read More »

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Will using proxy in Mozilla Firefox via the Firefox's proxy option affect other browsers?

It *shouldn't*, unless you've set up a global internet proxy on your system such that all your network traffic goes through it.

How to Use Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is a good free alternative browser to Internet Explorer. Mozilla Firefox is faster than Internet Explorer (IE) Additionally, many corporate IT departments find that Mozilla Firefox ... Read More »

Do you have to pay anything for mozilla firefox?

Firefox is a free web browser offered by Mozilla, an open source software project and global community. According to its website, Mozilla is "a public benefit organization" that is dedicated "not t... Read More »

What is mozilla firefox?

it is basically the same as IE except its security features are better.