Moving to Tennessee: How Can I Obtain a Radiologic Technologist License?

Answer In May 2009, the Bureau of Labor said Tennessee had one of the highest concentrations of radiologic technologists in the nation. Radiologic technologists perform X-rays, other types of scans includ... Read More »

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How do i obtain a liquor license in tennessee?

PaperworkGet a sales tax number from the Tennessee Department of Revenue. A local business license is also required. Once you have that completed, apply to the Tennessee Alcohol Beverage Commission... Read More »

How to Obtain a Tennessee Handicap License Plate?

Having a handicap license plate allows you to park in spaces reserved for people with disabilities, which makes doing everyday activities such as traveling to work, grocery shopping and other erra... Read More »

Radiologist Vs. Radiologic Technologist?

Radiologists and radiologic technologists work in the same field of medical imaging; however, their level of education and job responsibilities greatly differ. Radiologists are often confused with ... Read More »

Radiologic Technologist Benefits?

Radiologic technologists use diagnostic imaging equipment including X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography scans and mammography scans to assist in diagnosing health problems and i... Read More »