Moved a moniter from ME to XP computer. display wont go past 800X600 What to do?

Answer If I am understanding the question - you just moved the monitor not the computers. If this is the case - the place to begin would be the display drivers - they are most likely not installed correct... Read More »

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Does anyone know where i can buy a 19inch lcd pc moniter from that wont cost alot?

Try below web sitesEbuyer is a good site to find a bargain. Good luck

How do you remove whiteout from a computer moniter?

Can a router be moved from one computer to another?

A router can be moved quite easily from one computer to another. All the user has to do is disconnect one computer from the router and plug another into the device. Since a router is never assigned... Read More »

I was 700 miles from nasa space center Houston i moved at highway speed for 20 min.I did not change highways i moved from a desret environment to a rainfoorest environment where would i be?