Moved a moniter from ME to XP computer. display wont go past 800X600 What to do?

Answer If I am understanding the question - you just moved the monitor not the computers. If this is the case - the place to begin would be the display drivers - they are most likely not installed correct... Read More »

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Does anyone know where i can buy a 19inch lcd pc moniter from that wont cost alot?

Try below web sitesEbuyer is a good site to find a bargain. Good luck

My power went out while my computer was in and when I turned the computer back on the moniter said no signal?

Got anti surge protection between the wall socket and your computer and equipment?If not, then it looks like you have blown something.More than likely the video card or something on the motherboard... Read More »

What do i need to have my tv as a computer moniter?

what kind of tv do you have and what kinds of hook ups are on it?

Where can i buy a moniter for my computer?

You can get one new from Dell - they make good monitors. LCDs start around $200 for a 17" and go up from there. CRTs are moderately cheaper.