Mouthwash first or brush teeth first?

Answer well think about the function of both of them.i would brush before you restaurants you get the food and the big stuff of in the soapy water (brushing) and then you make sure the germs ... Read More »

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Do you brush your teeth first or have breakfast first?

Breakfast first, then clean your teeth after.

What should I do first, brush my teeth or floss my teeth?

I don't think it matters which order you do them as long as you do both.Me, I floss a little first, then brush, then floss one last time for good measure.

If I dip once a week is it bad, even if I brush my teeth after and use mouthwash?

I dip also but a can and a half a day which is terrible you don't dip as much but it is still bad whether u do one a day or one a year. Brushing ur teeth and mouthwash helps but doesn't eliminate it.

Brush or floss first?

Brush first then floss after you go to bed and remember you forgot to do it...