Mouthwash b4 or after brushing?

Answer After, read the bottle

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Floss before brushing or floss after brushing and why?

People do either way. You should ask your dentist. I floss first then brush.

Mouthwash after eating marshmallows?

brush your teeth after eating any kind of sweets chocolates or desserts :))

When is it best to use mouthwash, before or after you brush?

Brush, floss, then rinse with Listerine for about 30 seconds to kill germs. Then rinse with Plax for about a minute for the flouride. This is what my dentist told me to do.

Why my breath stinks after brushing?

Bacteria multiply quickly, and there are loads of places you simply cannot brush or floss (under the gum line, mainly). That's why dentists recommend a professional cleaning every 6 months, so the ... Read More »