Mouthwash b4 or after brushing?

Answer After, read the bottle

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How to Tell if You Have Bad Breath / Need Mouthwash?

In 1921, the generic expression "bad breath" became the more clinical sounding "halitosis." Bad breath is caused by the foods you eat as well as the bacteria that reside in your mouth. Brushing and... Read More »

If you use mouthwash do you need to floss or if you use floss do you need mouthwash?

Answer Recent advertising claims that using some mouthwashes is as good as flossing for your teeth. Here's what the ADA says: While some study results indicate the use of a mouth rinse can be as e... Read More »

Does mouthwash work?

On One Hand: Mouthwash With FluorideMouthwash with fluoride, according to Dr. Dan Peterson of Family Gentle Dental Care, can reduce the bacteria that causes cavities by 50 percent. Additionally, th... Read More »

I have my braces on can i use mouthwash?

I have my braces on and i always use mouthwash nothing bad happens to them!