Mouthwash after eating marshmallows?

Answer brush your teeth after eating any kind of sweets chocolates or desserts :))

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Mouthwash b4 or after brushing?

A question about eating after not eating for a while?

Start with small servings of fruit to give you some fructose for energy. Have things like almonds, seaweed, cashews, walnuts. These are all going to give you good fats and the seaweed is a natura... Read More »

When is it best to use mouthwash, before or after you brush?

Brush, floss, then rinse with Listerine for about 30 seconds to kill germs. Then rinse with Plax for about a minute for the flouride. This is what my dentist told me to do.

White stuff on my gums after using mouthwash and toothpaste?

HiYou have probably burned the tissue, those products contain bleach. Try not to use it for too long when you brush and make sure you rinse really well after.