Mouth gaurd while sleeping safe if not sure teeth grinding?

Answer in general yes but not for a very long time , coz it may affect the joint

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Is it okay for me to wear my mouth gaurd after wisdom teeth extraction?

If u wear it and its very irritating, id hold off for a little longer. If your mouth feels fine and u put the mouth guard in and it doesn't hurt or bother u then its fine

What causes teeth grinding while you are sleeping?

Teeth GrindingHere is advice and input on the causes of teeth grinding:Stress can lead to bruxism, but there are some people with normal bites and little stress that still grind their teeth at nigh... Read More »

What causes teeth grinding in toddlers while sleeping?

Causes for teeth grinding: Common reasons for teeth grinding are stress, frustration, anxiety. It could also be as a results of abnormal occlusion (the way the upper and lower teeth fit together), ... Read More »

How can you stop grinding your teeth at night if the mouth guards did not work?

Answer Mouth guards aren't intended to stop grinding. They are to help get some pressure of teeth and protect them from damage. Talk to a dentist and they will help get the right guard for you.If y... Read More »