Mouse not working!! Help!?

Answer this happens to my mouse sometimes for no reason, try shutting down your computer (shut-down not restart) and re booting, this always works for me.

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My mouse just stopped working!!!!!!!!! help!!!!!!!!!?

first, take a Valium and get a grip over yourself! second, reboot your computer and try too reinstall the software.

My mouse suddenly stops working please help !?

How old is the mouse? You might just need to cough up the money for a new one.

My mouse isn't working. Please help me! soon!!!?

My wireless mouse isnt working properly HELP . Please xD?

the "THINGIE" is not going to help us identify your problem and help you, be more specific please =). i believe you have a warranty on that mouse....return policy? either way logitech can't just go... Read More »