Mountain Lion's Adaptations to Live in the Desert?

Answer Mountain lions, otherwise known as cougars, are ferocious predators capable of dwelling in almost any terrestrial habitat. Native to the Americas, mountain lions are large, solitary cats whose pred... Read More »

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What Types of Adaptations Must Desert Animals Make to Conserve Water?

Life in the desert is difficult, and animals must make many adaptations to survive in the arid climate. The heat of the sun and the scarcity of water require desert animals to conserve moisture wit... Read More »

Are cougars& mountain lions the same animals?

According to the Cougar Fund website, the cougar, a large cat that lives in parts of the American West, Canada, Alaska and Florida, has other names, including mountain lion. Among the other names t... Read More »

West Texas Hunting for Mountain Lions?

Mountain lions, also known as cougars, panthers and pumas, are native to the state of Texas and call West Texas home. The mountain lion population in Texas is considered thriving, according to a 2... Read More »

What do house cats&mountain lions have in common?

On the surface, your average house cat and a mountain lion couldn't be more different. But, besides the basic traits that are shared between all felines, there are some significant traits in common... Read More »