Motorola Rokr S9-HD Black Tips?

Answer The MotoRokr S9-HD Black is a Bluetooth headset -- with a black enclosure -- that Motorola released in 2009. According to CNET Reviews, while the S9-HD is lightweight, has a simple, secure design a... Read More »

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How to Add Themes to Your Motorola Rokr E8?

If you download a theme for your Motorola Rokr E8 on your PC , then transfer them using the USB cable or Bluetooth, you will notice it could not work, do you? Well, then try this method! It's not h... Read More »

How to Format a Motorola Rokr E6?

Over time, the Motorola ROKR E6 tends to slow down from all of the music, contacts and data you can place on the phone. If it gets to the point where the phone becomes too slow to use for your own ... Read More »

How Can I Get an IMEI Number for a Motorola ROKR?

An IMEI number is a mobile phone identifier and helps in the event of the phone geting lost or stolen. It is also necessary when unlocking a phone to verify that you are not attempting to unlock a ... Read More »

How to Connect My Motorola ROKR to My Computer?

Connecting a Motorola ROKR to a computer allows users to download music to the phone as well as sync contact lists and other information to the computer. Syncing a phone to a computer is always im... Read More »