Motorcycle Spark Plug Specs?

Answer Knowing a spark plug's specifications is crucial to understanding how the engine operates. A spark can make an engine run well, or it can damage it with pre-ignition. If you do not use the plug wit... Read More »

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How to Test the Spark From a Motorcycle Spark Plug?

The spark provided by your motorcycle's spark plug is responsible for igniting the flammable mixture of air and fuel within the engine. A failing or damaged spark plug could weaken the engine, limi... Read More »

DIY: Motorcycle Spark Plug Boots?

As far as do-it-yourself repair projects go, replacing the spark plug boot on your motorcycle is virtually effortless. It requires no tools other than your hands, and by replacing the spark plug wi... Read More »

Do you need to replace a motorcycle spark plug?

On One Hand: Importance of Motorcycle Spark PlugsMotorcycle spark plugs cause the fuel/air mixture in a bike's engine to ignite, which causes the combustion that powers the engine. They also suck h... Read More »

Bosch W8ac Spark Plug Specs?

The function of a spark plug is to reliably ignite the fuel-air mixture in a cylinder of an internal-combustion engine throughout a range of operating conditions. Based on each engine's specificati... Read More »