Motorcycle Cam Specs?

Answer Motorcycle cams are the same as any four-stroke motor cam. The job of the cam is to control when the intake and exhaust valves open and how much they open. Cam specifications are expressed in deg... Read More »

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Triumph Motorcycle Specs?

Triumph motorcycles were developed by a privately owned British company. The bikes are known as having distinctive, classic designs. Having gone out of business in the 1980s, Triumph was revitalize... Read More »

Honda Motorcycle Specs?

Honda has been producing quality motorcycles for more than half a century. Throughout its history, Honda has maintained a hallmark of cutting edge and innovative designs that have captivated the he... Read More »

Motorcycle Valve Adjustment Specs?

Overhead cam systems are almost synonymous with motorcycle valves. There are a few exceptions. Some bikes still use pushrods. Ducati uses a fundamentally different kind of overhead valve, called a ... Read More »

Motorcycle Spark Plug Specs?

Knowing a spark plug's specifications is crucial to understanding how the engine operates. A spark can make an engine run well, or it can damage it with pre-ignition. If you do not use the plug wit... Read More »