Motorcycle Braking Techniques?

Answer Braking is a crucial skill for every motorcyclist to master. Being able to effectively apply the brakes to slow or stop your motorcycle can provide more stability, especially when cornering at hig... Read More »

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Motorcycle Painting Techniques?

Motorcycles are much smaller than cars and have less surface areas to paint. This means more time can be put into the paint job and better quality paint can be used on a motorcycle. There are many ... Read More »

Motorcycle Control Techniques?

There are six basic elements to controlling a motorcycle: the throttle, the clutch, the shift lever, the handlebars, the front brake and the rear brake. You operate the controls of a motorcycle us... Read More »

Braking Problems?

Braking systems represent an interaction of several different forces; mechanical energy moves though liquid to become thermal energy in the form of friction. If any part of this system fails, the e... Read More »

Can Hard Braking Damage a Car?

Yes. The damage that hard or fast braking causes typically consists of brake pads, tires and other parts that wear out faster than they should. If these parts no longer perform adequately, the resu... Read More »