Motorcycle Armor Protection Standards?

Answer While evidence suggests that motorcyclists could benefit greatly from specialized body armor to protect the extremities and the torso in the event of a crash, standards governing body armor develop... Read More »

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Motorcycle Body Armor Information?

Protecting yourself on a motorcycle goes farther than riding awareness. A helmet, gloves, boots, jacket and riding pants can be the difference between walking away from a motorcycle accident and we... Read More »

Compare National teaching standards and CEC new teacher standards?

be carefull with him (or her) be sure to not enrage the child. make sure not to make physical contact for disiplinary action, a few minutes alone is much more affective.

Riding Motorcycle to gun show today, If I purchace a rifle, whats the proper way to carry it on a motorcycle?

If your bike gets 50 mpg and your 4-wheel conveyance gets 13 mpg, you'll save about $30 by riding the bike. Weigh the hassle of hanging onto a rifle on a bike and possibly getting in rain and bugs... Read More »

Motorcycle exhaust maker/needed for motorcycle custom?

Given that a one-off exhaust system will be much, much more expensive than buying one off the shelf (like a Paughco system), here are a few dealers that may be able to help:Route 66 Motorcycles.Thu... Read More »