Motor Options for the '66 Thunderbird?

Answer Ford offered three power plant options on its 1966 Thunderbird model line. All three offerings were cast-iron, big-block V8s and included one 428-cubic-inch and two 390-cubic-inch engines. By far t... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot a Fan Blower Motor in a 1997 Thunderbird?

The fan blower motor in your 1997 Thunderbird is under the dash. The fan blower circulates air throughout the interior of your vehicle. If the fan blower motor begins to malfunction, the problem is... Read More »

1988 Lincoln Special Edition Towncar Motor Options?

Lincoln Motors Company began in 1917 by the former founder of Cadillac, Henry Leland. After financial troubles, the company was sold to Ford Motor Company in 1922. In the 1920s Lincoln began releas... Read More »

What are the differences in the 2009 thunderbird and the 1960 thunderbird?

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Is it true that Thunderbird Wine is so-named because it's from the Thunderbird region of Spain's wine country?

I keep getting the Thunderbird region of Spain and the Mad Dog region of Portugal mixed up.