Motor Oil Types for SG and SE?

Answer An engine will quickly self destruct without oil. However, having oil in the engine is not enough. You must have the right oil to assure engine longevity. The composition of engine oil is always ev... Read More »

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How to Mix Types of Motor Oil?

Motor oil acts as a lubricant for your car's engine, protecting the metal parts from rubbing up against each other and causing friction. A car-maintenance myth holds that you cannot mix the two mai... Read More »

Types of Motor Oil?

The three primary types of motor oil are conventional, synthetic and synthetic blend. There also are different grades, or weights, within these types. Weights of motor oil are based on the viscosit... Read More »

Types of Motor Skills?

Motor skills refer to movement patterns and skills in the physical body. Generally, these are divided into three categories; fine motor, gross motor and balance/coordination. Many factors influence... Read More »

Motor Types in a Porsche 912?

The Porsche 912 is equipped with two engines: the 1582cc and 1971cc flat four-cylinders. The car made its debut in 1965 as the four-cylinder version of the 911, which is powered by a flat-six-cylin... Read More »