Motivational Classroom Lessons?

Answer Staying motivated is a skill that children need to develop, because as adults, they will need to know how to stay motivated on the job. Teachers can foster this skill by creating their lessons with... Read More »

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Motivational Activities for the Classroom?

Keeping kids motivated and working together in the classroom can be a tough job for a teacher to maintain throughout the school year. Using motivational activities in the classroom can help lead to... Read More »

Motivational Techniques in the Classroom?

Motivation can greatly enhance learning. It provides incentive and helps avert boredom and disengagement in students. Teachers can influence student motivation by engaging in specific practices and... Read More »

The Motivational Effects of the Classroom Environment?

The motivational effects of the classroom environment differ depending upon the student. This is because the classroom environment is a social one, where the students are constantly aware of how we... Read More »

Motivational Strategies in the Language Classroom?

It can be difficult for students to see the many benefits of learning a foreign language, as they may rarely encounter non-English speakers. However, students can be reminded of the value of langua... Read More »