Motivation Tools to Get Kids to Do Their Homework?

Answer According to a nationwide study conducted in 2004 by the Institute for Social Research, the amount of time children spend on homework is up 51 percent since 1981. Whether this is due to an increase... Read More »

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How can we get custody my husband's 5 kids. The older kids are failing school and they are so smart Their mother does nothing to help them or make them do their homework.?

How to Get Your Kids to Do Their Homework?

Parents around the world would love the magic formula to encourage kids to do their homework! Alas, it's not as simple as waving a wand, but there are some methods for encouraging your kids to deve... Read More »

How can you get your ADHD kids to do their homework?

My daughter has ADHD and what I do with her is I have her work for 20 minutes and give her a 5 minute break. She also works better while listening to music, but that may not work for everyone. i ha... Read More »

Fun Games for Kids That Finish Their Homework?

Homework can be a real drag for kids, but it is a necessary part of the learning process. One thing that can get children to do their homework without fail or complaint is incentives. Though some i... Read More »