Mother/Daughter Banquet Ideas with a Purse Theme?

Answer Planning a banquet is an opportune time to gather family and friends together for a formal event while enjoying a meal. If you are coordinating the celebration of a mother/daughter banquet and have... Read More »

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Is rainbow a good theme for banquet?

People may mistake it for a gay pride ball, which there's nothing wrong with lbgt but if it's not what you're going for I would try to think of something else. I'm not gay, but I love how all of th... Read More »

Annual Mother/Daughter Banquet Theme?

You didn't mention your locale, but what about a garden party? Mothers and daughters could wear breezy hats. You could decorate with white picket type fences, ferns, and flowers. Spray paint bucket... Read More »

Choir Banquet Ideas?

A choir banquet is usually held at the end of the year as a way to congratulate the current and departing members. As you plan a banquet, consider how you can turn it into a celebration of both the... Read More »

Ideas for a Chinese Banquet?

Chinese banquets are celebratory events that involve many courses of various foods. They are thrown to celebrate special occasions, such as the New Year, weddings and the Moon Festival. Each specia... Read More »