Mother does not follow court order child counseling?

Answer Motion to enforce see link below

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If there is not a court order for sole custody of a child and the mother is behind in child support can the father take the child out of the US without permission from the mother or the court?

Answer Obtaining a passport for a minor in the US requires both parents. You'd would have to get a court order giving you custody. More Conributor Opinions Being granted sole legal custody does n... Read More »

If there is not a court order for custody and your wife who is a illegal immmigrant left with the child can the father take the child from the babysitter's while the mother is at work?

well we are mot married i guess it would be common law,but we never got a paper signed from the county clercks office.i am concerned for my daughter,she is 15 months old,born in u.s.,and her mom is... Read More »

Can a be child taken from the mother without a court order in place?

Get a lawyer they will help you with all of this! It the only way I know of to adopt someone you already know.

Is there a mile restriction on how far a mother can take a child from the father in California before a court order?

Answer It is to your best interest to communicate to your spouse where you want to travel in California or where you want to live. Say he lives in L.A., and you want to live in San Jose. That's a... Read More »