Most vhs tapes my vcr tapes on, wont play on other vcr players, why?

Answer Laura i worked in the video industry 13 yearsthe prob is the tracking from 1 vhs recorder to the other?the tape you recorded should work if you adjust the tracking , some video heads are better on ... Read More »

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How do i fix my vhs / vcr tv i put a tape in and it messed it up and now it wont play the good tapes?

Without all the details it's a very had thing to diagnose.When the favorite childhood movie got messed up did the machine pull the tape out of the shell like the old audio cassettes would do? If so... Read More »

Can you reuse video camera tapes once full (Like polaroid mini DV tapes)?

I've been re-using my mini DV tapes for years. It's been said that you can re-use them until they break. I mark them each time I re-use one and trash it after the tenth time. Here's hoping you have... Read More »

My VCR won't play tapes.?

You can try adjusting the tracking but chances are it is just broke. I do not know of a single repair shop that would even try to fix it. You can probably find one at a pawn shop that would replace... Read More »

How do you play vhs tapes on a blu ray player?

Speak to a mental health professional or an electrical retailer. Both should help