Most of my computers services will not start when i get to desktop someone help !!!!?

Answer There seems to be a problem of either software conflicts or virus.Mostly it could be software's such as drivers or application programs which are conflicting in your system. Try to uninstall any pr... Read More »

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Need a programmer's help or someone good in computers,will select best answer!!!?

The page you are linking to is not secured well. Any person proficient at IT will notice the URL points to where the user is redirected after subscribing. The latter URL (surprise) does not check t... Read More »

;;Will you please help me out regarding disappearing of computer desktop icons and start..?

First don't try everything in online , only go with quality content , see what others have commented about that article , just be careful next time ... It may be due to explorer.exe problem . ... Read More »

When will Dell, Gateway and other computer brands start offering DDR3 Ram in their computers?

WHEN ITS CHEAP!! now if you are looking for a computer that comes with it you have to buy it custom from stores like or build it yourself plus at the moment ddr3 and ddr4 are very expensi... Read More »

Someone who knows computers please help me!!+?

I feel you should start with cleaning it up. You may have a virus or spyware/adaware. You may not have cleaned out your registry lately. Don't worry you can do it all in no time.A clean computer is... Read More »