Most of my computers services will not start when i get to desktop someone help !!!!?

Answer There seems to be a problem of either software conflicts or virus.Mostly it could be software's such as drivers or application programs which are conflicting in your system. Try to uninstall any pr... Read More »

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How to connect two computers one is Desktop other is Laptop Desktop dont have USB as is very old?

The cheapest way to connect two computers is the following is doing a Direct Cable Connection

Do laptop computers last longer than desktop computers?

No. Desktop computers generally last longer than laptops. A desktop is not carried around and is therefore less prone to damage. Desktops are also easier to repair and have better ventilation than ... Read More »

How long do Mac desktop computers last?

If cared for properly, any computer--including a Mac desktop--can last for years. Some components with moving parts, such as fans and hard drives, may need to be replaced occasionally. A website ca... Read More »

The History of HP Desktop Computers?

HP was founded in 1939 by Stanford University classmates Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. By 1947, the company was incorporated, employed 111 personnel and sold 39 different products. In 1962, it cra... Read More »