Most minor injury you've been to hospital for?

Answer I think I would say a bad headache, the rest was not minor!:(

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What is the most serious injury that has been inflicted upon you?

Feel through a roof at the age of 25. Landed on concrete 30 feet below on my right side.Smashed about two inches of my right Humerus, broke the right hip and chacked the pelvis. Two operations la... Read More »

Whats the worst pain youve ever been in?

once while i was raking hay, i had to go under an apple tree to gather a swath of downed hay. suddenly, i had excrutiating pain in my right eye! it was so bad i shoved the tractor out of gear and ... Read More »

Youve decided to perform the jawthrust technique on the victim of a roadside bombing because you want to maintain an open airway while minimizing movement for suspected headneckspinal injury Yo?

Cal OSHA Minor Injury Reporting Requirements?

According to California law, work-related injuries that result in death, missed days from work, restricted work or transfer to another job, medical treatment beyond first aid, or loss of consciousn... Read More »