Most exotic restaurants in Chicago and burbs?

Answer you've got really good ones thereonly thing I can think of like that is Geja'sit's fondue, not middle eastern, they have candlelit curtained off booths and a strolling flamenco guitar

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Is there anywhere in the Chicago burbs to get a good Lobster Roll West preferred but will travel. ?

Best place for a lobster roll that is not a chain is Poor Phil's in Oak Park:……

Best Exotic Dining restaurants in Vegas?

There are many dining restaurants in the city. To read about them; you can visit Find usLocal. Here you can find the restaurants in the area and also read their reviews. You can even have look on t... Read More »

Are there any restaurants that serve exotic food like say monkeys in the US?

The Horror - I saw that once one the 'Movie' faces of death and thought it was fake. It isn't! A co-worker of mine was in China and went to a restaurant where they serve it. They put the poor Monke... Read More »

Do you know of any chain restaurants that make exotic mexican food?

I'm pretty sure bat is an Italian dish.Get back to work and stop daydreaming about me!!