Most embarassing/funny trips to the doctor or hospital!?

Answer When I was little my older sis was super mean to me. One night I couldn't sleep because I had a runny nose and I asked my sister what I should do. She said stuff your nose with toilet paper... so I... Read More »

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In govt hospital if doctor prescribes a injection and the RN administers the injection and patient develops radial nerve palsy is the doctor held negligent?

Answer Both health care providers are responsible. However, if the patient is an active military member nothing can be done law wise. The government is protected against lawsuits when there is mal... Read More »

England- very shoddy doctor and hospital treatment?

Completely unnacceptable, I'd switch GP surgery for a start - that bits easy. As far as your hospital experience goes, it sounds like terrible treatment and you were kept waiting far too long.You ... Read More »

What type of doctor helps women give birth in hospital?

obgynYes, an obgyn (obstetrician/gynecologist) is the one who will "deliver" your baby. However, he doesn't HELP you give birth,as in he doesn't stay with you throughout labor and give you emotiona... Read More »

Who England's first woman doctor, and has a school and a hospital named after her?

Elizabeth Blackwell works for radio trivia