Most compatible Camera format to Computer?

Answer If you are using FinalCutPro, you are using an Apple Macintosh computer.Any miniDV tape based camcorder will work when you use the camcorder's DV port connected to the Mac's firewire400 port with a... Read More »

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Is the Sanyo Xacti camera compatible with a mac computer?

Which Sanyo Xacti?Which MacBook?Are you planning on using iMovie? down to the Sanyo section. Use the links to the notes.

Tips on the best digital camera compatible with a Mac Leopard computer?

d90 and the d80 are compatible. I would go with d90 because its newer and might come with the software to install into the mac.

How can I convert a funky camera format into avi, mp4, mov, or any other usable format?

If ffdshow is working I'd guess your video format is some form of MPEG-4, but "podunk" isn't too helpful. Super should work, but without more detail it's impossible to know what's going wrong. Gi... Read More »

What illustrator file format is compatible with coreldraw?

open illustrator file save assvg format....