Most children given birth to?

Answer 121 by Sam Beckford in 2009

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Who has given birth to the most children?

It depends: how physiologically mature is the infant AND how good is the neonatal care. Babies as little as a pound have survived, whereas bigger ones have died.

Do you need a birth certificate for children to fly?

Each airline determines whether a minor needs a birth certificate or some type of identification. Generally, children under the age of 18 do not have to present identification for travel across the... Read More »

What is the most children born in one birth?

the most children born in one birth is eight children, born in California on Januray 26, 2009 In 1999 a Malaysian mother gave birth to nine living babies, officially the most babies in one birth.. ... Read More »

Does tsa require you to have birth certificates for children under 2?

The TSA doesn't require a birth certificate or any other form of identification for children under the age of 18 who are traveling within the U.S. However, each person who is traveling internationa... Read More »